Pedicure Dos and Don’ts

S14 Birkenstock bannerSandal season is upon us.  For many of us that means we need to direct a little attention to our toes.  Perfectly polished toes peeping out from summer sandals are the finishing touch to complete your outfit.  The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has pedicure recommendations to help you keep your feet feeling and looking their best.

Infections and fungus are big problem makers with feet and toenails.  Keeping the work area and tools clean are of utmost importance. Try to schedule your pedicure in the morning.  Foot baths are typically cleanest first thing in the morning.  The salon should be well ventilated as bacteria thrives in a moist environment.  Towels and pedicure tools should be freshly laundered and sterilized for each customer.  Bringing your own tools for your pedicure is a great way to keep any infections or fungus from your feet.

Here are more APMA recommended pedicure dos and don’ts for your next pedicure whether it is at home or in a salon.

APMA Pedicure Dos and Don'ts
APMA Pedicure Dos and Don’ts

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