Style Guides on Pinterest

Once again Pinterest has proven to be a valuable resource.  This time with how-to style guides for shoes and jeans. A search for “shoes jeans guides” resulted in a fantastic selection of “how-to” guides on several style issues relating to shoes and jeans.

Some were poster style guides with easy to read recommendations and others were tutorials with great photo visuals.

This is a great poster style guide to help decide what style of shoe to wear with what type of garment.Shoe Style Guide

Here is a great tutorial found on the blog Advice From A 20 Something. The Proper Way to Roll Your Jeans.  Includes step-by-step instructions on how to roll a cuff on several types of jeans with a few shoe options.  Cuff Style GuideThis style tutorial found on described the do’s and don’ts of cuffs when wearing ankle boots with jeans.  Ankle boots are more popular than ever and can be worn with several jeans and cuff styles to suit your style.Cuff dos and dontsFind these and other great style guides for jeans on our Style Guide Board on Pinterest.pinterest logo

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