Birkenstock Uppers… We recommend leather.

Everyone knows by now that Birkenstock sandals are a must have sandal and have been for a few seasons now!  They just seem to compliment any style.  Distressed denim jeans look super cool with a pair of Arizona sandals and the Gizeh sandal pairs well with shorts or knit leggins. So, not only do you get a great look, but Birk sandals are probably the. Most. Comfortable. Sandal. Ever. You will find yourself reaching for them more often than not when heading out the door.

Event image 2017
Arizona Black Suede

Birkenstock offers a wide variety of colors and uppers. When we say uppers, we are referring to the top portion of the sandal that fits over the top of your foot.  These are traditionally made from leather, but are also made of Birko-flor and Birkibuc which are a synthetic material.

Arizona Shiny Snake Orange Birko-Flor

The Birko-flor and Birkibuc sandals are available in a variety of textures and colors that make the them quite fun and fashionable. They are lined with a soft felt backing that requires little to no break in.  And because they are made of a man made material, their price is typically less than that of the leather version of the same style.  While this all sounds great and we receive a great number of requests for the synthetic upper versions, we have made the decision to not stock them in our store. Why would we do this?  Especially since the Birkenstock craze just seems to be demanding new styles and more variety.

Arizona Metallic Anthracite Leather
Arizona Metallic Anthracite Leather

We take pride in the fact that we have built our business by offering high quality comfort footwear with Birkenstock being no exception.  The quality of Birkenstocks made of all natural leather uppers meet our quality standards and we find the wide color variety of  leather, nubuck, suede, or oiled leather satisfies any fashion demands.  The natural leather materials age beautifully and take on a personality that compliments your lifestyle while giving you a great return on your investment.  You just don’t get that with man made materials. While no shoe lasts a lifetime, with proper care and periodic repair, Birkenstock sandals, clogs, and shoes can provide you with years of comfort.

F14 Arizona Lifestyle
Arizona Taupe Suede

Saager’s Shoe Shop is an Authorized Birkenstock Repair Retailer and can repair and replace most components of your shoes and sandals.  With one exception!  We cannot perform repair work on Birko-flor and Birkibuc materials and have been receiving a growing number of repair requests that must be turned away.  We have found the synthetic materials to be inferior with a shorter lifespan than can be expected from the styles made of high quality all natural leather.  Why buy a sandal that cannot live up to the quality expectations that the Birkenstock tradition is built upon?

When you shop for a pair of Birkenstocks, don’t skimp. Set yourself apart and treat yourself to the comfort, durability and style that you can expect from Birkenstocks made of all natural leather materials.


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